The perfect setup makes a difference, a difference in playability, tone, staying in tune, and overall reliability of the instrument. Proper neck adjustment, smooth slots at the nut, pickup and pole-piece height, and proper intonation are all part of a proper setup. Floyd Rose setups take a little extra care and time to ensure full shred dive bombs come back in tune every time. Setups available for electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, banjos, violins and cellos, all things with strings!!

Every guitar is treated with the utmost care and respect, weather it be a performance instrument or just a guitar for jamming in the living room, every guitar is given the best setup possible, that setup being in the end, what you are looking for, plus, a guitar that stays in tune. All the time.


It is crucial that repairs are done properly, and with the time and care needed. Fret leveling and crowns, partial level and crowns (partials are done lot where the neck and body meet on an acoustic or semi hollow body guitar causing a hump in the fretboard which makes strings "fret-out" at the higher registers), Re-frets, broken Gibson headstocks, warped necks, holes in acoustics from accidents, broken electronics (pots, pickups, etc.), and many other repairs are available. Don't let some of the common damage to a guitar ruin it for life, get it repaired properly. 

Please contact for specific pricing on additional guitar, amplifier, and effect pedal repair or modification work.

References graciously available upon request

Please call or email for current prices, availability and more information.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you some of the the best services in the music industry.  

Jonathan Zurek

Foothills Guitar Services
Golden, CO

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