Modifications for Gibson and Epiphone guitars are aimed at getting as close to the sound of the world famous late 1950's "Holy Grail" Gibson guitars. Faber ABR-1 bridges and Aluminum tailpieces, replacement pickups, wiring modifications, along with the addition of a bone nut will eliminate the muddiness that can plague Gibson style guitars, (especially when using the neck pickup). This tonal "recipe" eliminates muddy, loose bass frequencies, increases the overall resonance of the instrument to accentuate the higher frequencies that are often not present on stock instruments. Even with some Gibsons demanding prices upwards of two, three, or even five thousand dollars and above, these modifications will make your Les Paul, ES-335, SG, and many other models come alive.

Faber ABR-1 bridges are made from a blend of Aluminum and Zinc, which is much harder and more durable than stock Gibson units. The Faber ABR-1 bridges also lock onto the studs, increasing sustain, and eliminating the bridge falling off during string changes.  

Faber tailpieces are made entirely from aluminum, which is lighter than the stock Gibson units, and the Faber tailpieces lock onto the studs, stopping the tailpiece from falling off during string changes, and the aluminum construction increases resonation and sustain in a big way. 

Installing a bone nut helps to keep the instrument in tune, as well as adding a sonic dimension that softer nut materials lack. 

Other popular Gibson modifications include:

"50s" style wiring and pickup upgrades
Grover tuning keys, locking Grover keys, etc.
"Rolling" of the fretboard edge, making the neck having that broken in feeling of a guitar that has been played for 20+ years.
Additional adjustment wheels at bridge studs, making the bridge more stable.

Faber ABR-1 bridge and tailpiece installed                     
on a Gibson Les Paul, the bridge is made
from blend of aluminum and zinc, 
which is harder than stock Gibson bridges, 
and the tailpiece is made from aluminum, 
both which increase string resonance 
transfer to the body of the guitar.    



Bone nut installed, as well                                                                                             as upgraded Grover tuners on a                                                                                           Les Paul. 

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