Probably the two of the most popular guitars ever, the Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster, took the world by storm in the '50's and '60's. These classic, at their time, revolutionary designs are probably the most copied and modified instruments ever produced.

We are among the elite for repairs, fretwork, setups, bone nut installation, upgraded bridge and tremolo systems custom wood and plastic pickguards, pickup and wiring upgrades, all the way to left-handed tremolo installs for that Hendrix and SRV vibe, (The leftys also seem to stay in tune better due to the location of the tremolo arm on the bigger strings.) Left- Hand Tremolo systems are standard equipment on our FHG line of custom guitars. Custom refinishing available, among other tricks and tips to make your Strat or Tele your "Dreamcaster".

We offer modifications and upgrades to Standard style Stratocasters and Telecasters, "Super-Strats" with Floyd Rose Tremolo systems, installation of piezo pickups for acoustic tones from your electric, custom wiring solutions, to complete assembly of your "Frankenstrat" or Tele, there are so many possibilities! All we have to do is dream it up together. We have many satisfied clients for whom have built these modified guitars for, and more requests coming in!

Parts-caster "Super Strat" with custom 
paint work, and electronics.

Fender '54 re-issue with Left-Hand Tremolo
installed. The Left-Handed units stay in tune
better due to the Tremolo Arm location on
the heavier top strings.

Fender Custom Shop "Eric Johnson"
Stratocaster, modified to "Super Strat"
specs, with new saddles, bone nut, DiMarzio
pickups, and new electronics.

Another modified Stratocaster, custom 
paint, new bridge and  tremolo block, 
new saddles, new bone nut, fret level 
and crown, as well as aftermarket pickups.

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